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Improve your sleep with Organic Chamomile Tea

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July 24, 2017
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August 3, 2017

After a long day, doesn’t everyone want to curl up in bed and drift off to sleep, without any worries? We’ve all experienced the moment of finally being on bed when suddenly an onslaught of anxieties disrupt your momentary bliss. If your desire to dose off mindlessly has repeatedly been interrupted by endless worries, perhaps organic herbal tea can provide a solution.

Calm your nerves with Chamomile tea


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This small flowering herb packs a punch in terms of health benefits and have been used to treat a range of ailments. This herbal tea has a mild taste, making it easy on the palate. Incorporating this organic herbal tea into your bedtime routine will ensure your nerves are soothed and a peaceful rest ahead.

Benefits of Chamomile tea

  • Relax your nerves and help insomnia

    Drinking chamomile tea is linked with an increase of glycine, which is an amino acid and neurotransmitter. It can play both stimulatory and depressant roles in the brain. The release of this chemical acts like a mild sedative to relax muscles and calm your nerves. Chamomile also contains an active compound called apigenin, which makes one feel more peaceful and calm. This organic herbal tea is a widely-used alternative treatment to relieve insomnia. If you struggle with getting with a full night’s sleep, chamomile can be the cure!

  • Remedy for a troubled stomach / help digestion

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We’ve all been there- a long stressful day followed by late suppers after. As much as we know eating late close to bedtime might mean sacrificing on precious sleep time, it’s natural to turn to food as a quick comfort. Chamomile, with its soothing properties may be beneficial in easing the discomfort of acid reflux. Chamomile tea is an easy home remedy for a troubled stomach.

If you experience indigestion close to bedtime, chamomile tea can help ease your stomach pains. Having a cup of this herbal tea effectively reduces inflammation, ensuring a pain-free night.

Beat Stress with Rooibos Tea

Benefits of Rooibos

  • Anti Stress
  • Anti Oxidant
  • High Mineral
  • Help prevent type 2 diabetes

Image cred: Nilufer Tea

Red Rooibos tea can help reduce stress and anxiety levels that often keep you up at night. The tea reduces the production of the stress hormone, cortisol which makes it more difficult to fall asleep. Lower levels of cortisol means a more restful night, boosting your immune system.

Less hectic with Organic herbal tea

Treat your anxieties and any indigestion by winding down with a cup of chamomile tea. To brew our orange chamomile tea, simply bring one cup of water to a boil before adding the tea bag. What’s a better to unwind than having some me time along with a cup of organic herbal tea. Before bed time, simply drink the chamomile tea 30 minutes before you go to sleep. Your body will thank you for it.

While some people laud over little sleep they get with their busy lifestyles, getting enough shut-eye is necessary for a strong immune system and overall well-being. A regular and sufficient sleep cycle means you’ll face a new day with more optimism. Furthermore, having a bedtime routine complete with organic herbal tea and some time alone to yourself will help make sure you go to sleep feeling blissful. Going to bed feeling calm will not only ease you to sleep but you’ll be wake up feeling more rested and invigorated to start the day.

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